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Paint Parties

Private Parties:

 Paint Parties are popular and fun for both Children and Adults! They are perfect for Birthday Parties, Reunions, Showers, and anywhere that people gather in a group! We supply everything including the canvas, paint, easels, brushes, aprons, and easy, top notch, step by step instruction. We will bring it all to you at your location and all you have to do is relax and have fun!

Private parties need a minimum of 10 painters if booked for Sunday through Thursday and a minimum of 15 painters if booked for our Prime days of Saturday and Sunday. IMPORTANT: If less than the minimum amount of guests show up you are still responsible to pay for the minimum amount.

Host a Paint Party
Here's How You can Paint for FREE!

It's easy and fun! All you do is organize your own paint party to be held at your location or ours, share on Social Media, and invite lots of people to come and paint. Then, if 15 guests (or more), including yourself, come to paint, you as the organizer will paint for absolutely FREE! You will also receive Organizer Rewards! Contact us to get started. 

Artist Tree hosts "in-the-studio" Paint Parties.
We are also mobile and will bring the Paint Party to you at your home, business, or chosen location.

Events for Business:

Want to attract new customers to your restaurant or bar?

Hundreds of savvy restaurant, bar, and other business owners are already experiencing the Paint Party explosion! They are taking advantage of the opportunity to bring 30 or more paying customers into their establishments on slower nights of the week. These customers typically eat and drink while they are painting, may come early and may stay after to extend their fun evening.

If you have space with 12 or more seats, we can help you fill them with paying customers at NO CHARGE TO YOU! It's a Win-Win!

There is no mess - we use non-toxic, acrylic paints that can easily be cleaned with water and a sponge.


Business and Corporate Events

Paint Parties are perfect for businesses large and small. Events can be held at the Artist Tree, which can hold up to 30 painters. If there are more than 30 painters you will need a larger space and are responsible for securing the space for use during the event. The space should have tables and chairs enough for all the painters to sit comfortably.  The Artist Tree has painting supplies to accommodate up to 100 painters!

What is required for the Venue?

It's very simple, really. You will only need to provide:

A NON-CARPETED space with enough tables and chairs to accommodate the number of people that have pre-registered for the event. Remember to leave enough elbow room for painting, eating, and drinking.

The area should have good lighting.

If possible, the area should be separated or away from other patrons or employees..

We ask that you ready tables for us. Tables should be clear of ALL items BEFORE we arrive. One of the very first things we do to set up is put down table coverings so the tables should be cleared beforehand.

Access to a water source or provide us with pitchers of tap water (no ice) for use in filling the painter's water cups (we provide the cups).

If you are a bar or restaurant, or anyplace where alcohol is being served, it's a good idea to have a member of your wait staff taking orders and refilling drink glasses. This will help to increase your revenue for the evening.

How often should a Restaurant or Bar host Paint Party events?

 It depends on what type of establishment you have. If you are a bar or restaurant, it works well to have regularly scheduled Paint Party events which can be once a month, bi-monthly, or weekly. This will help bring in lots of new customers, with a large percentage of them being female. We provide different paintings each event so the excitement of painting is always fresh and new. Paint Parties are a hit and you will love having us there!