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Due to Covid-19 we are NOT currently conducting any in-the-studio classes or events. We DO currently host classes online. For the most recent updates, visit our page at and please LIKE and FOLLOW us there. Thank you!


This introductory class is for you if you're thinking about learning to face paint and it's also a great refresher class for current face painters. It's the foundation class for the more advanced face painting trainings and workshops coming to the Maryland Guild of Face and Body Artists (MGFABA) and the Artist Tree.

The class will emphasize supplies, kits, safety, face painter ethics, and techniques. Students will get "hands on" experience painting and working on one or more popular face paint designs and will gain enough knowledge to be able to go home and practice and/or paint what they learned, and to apply what they learned to other designs, as well .

For those who have a desire to make money or start a career from face painting, this class is will help you decide if it's right for you. 

We will have supplies on hand for use during the class, but if you have your own supplies, please bring them. Please DO NOT bring any acrylic paints, face paint crayons, or any craft paint or craft glitter. 

Seating is limited so register soon! 

 About the Instructor:

Rhonda Hardesty is a professional Face Painter, Body Paint Artist, Special Effects Makeup Artist, Fine Traditional Artist, and Art Instructor. She is Co-owner of the Artist Tree, LLC., owner and artist at Fantasy Artz, and Co-founder and Co-president of the Maryland Guild of Face and Body Artists (MGFABA). She has often been featured in local publications and on television for her exceptional artwork and face and body painting skills.ere to edit text